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About Us


Dr HJ van der Bijl, the founder of Iscor (today ArcelorMittal Steel South Africa) had a vision to build a steelworks and a modern industrial town. The company VESCO (Vanderbijlpark Estate Company) was established in 1944 as a Section 21 Company “an association not for gain”.


VESCO as a non-profit organisation developed the town of Vanderbijlpark as well as some of the surrounding townships. The steelworks in Vanderbijlpark, then known as the largest steelworks in the Southern Hemisphere, began operating in 1947. The town, which forms the Gauteng's border along the Vaal River, was proclaimed in 1949.  It attained municipal status in 1952.


Over the years several services were established to compliment the physical development of the community.


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The VESCO Group strives to be a sustainable community company which promotes the social and economic wellbeing in its area of influence.






The VESCO Group creates an environment which facilitates the mobilizing of resources, to enhance the achievement of its Vision.


This is demonstrated by:


The sustaining and development of Labour & Service delivery companies.

The sustaining & expansion of a social community enterprise.

The sustaining & expansion of community educational institutions.

The rendering of horticultural & agricultural services to selected entities.

The maintenance, trading & development of VESCO properties/land.

The compliance to Safety, Health, Environmental, Risk & Quality Standards.




Company Values


We serve the community & respect the dignity of all people.

We take pride in our company & promote its sustainability.

We support sound business principles & adhere to high ethical standards.

We believe in fairness.

We are committed to effective & efficient service.

We promote a Safe & Healthy work environment.